HealingARTS Yoga

The goal of the Healing Arts Yoga group is for young women to befriend and reconnect with their bodies. Participants are invited to notice sensation, to experiment with movement and breathing and to practice making choices about what is right for them, all in a safe and predictable climate. Young women are asked to commit to engage in individual therapy in conjunction with yoga. No previous yoga experience is necessary.


The group will consist of completing a series of yoga poses, postures and learning the sequence. As the group progresses, the goal of group will be about becoming more confident in the poses. The final portion of the group focuses on recognizing body sensations and how to respond to them in a healthy manner in everyday life.

Over the course of the yoga series, participants will have the opportunity to take part in an art activity.

Age group

Young women ages 14-18

Time & day

Thursdays – after school (3:00) – 4:15 pm

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