Pregnancy and Childbirth Group

The Young Women’s Resource Center is committed to providing support for women who are pregnant or mothering. The Young Women’s Resource Center is frequently the first place a pregnant or parenting young woman will turn to or be referred to for information and services. We take that responsibility seriously and that’s why the Young Women’s Resource Center holds weekly classes for pregnant teens and young women where they can participate in discussions and activities while gaining valuable information and support that can often be hard for pregnant teens to find. These groups are for women at any stage of their pregnancy and are a place for young women to benefit themselves and their unborn children. Participants can learn about labor and delivery from a certified childbirth educator and doula.

Topics covered

  • healthy pregnancy
  • avoiding pre-term & low birth weight
  • pregnancy discomforts
  • pregnancy warning signs
  • importance of prenatal checkups
  • pre-labor signs
  • stages of labor
  • pain relief options
  • labor support from partner, family members and the role of a doula
  • informed consent & refusal
  • advocating for yourself & birth plans
  • Cesarean birth
  • birth/newborn care & procedures
  • postpartum support & baby blues


  • belly casts
  • henna tattoos for pregnancy
  • creating birth plans
  • writing birth affirmations

Age group

Any expecting mom up to age 24

Time & day

Wednesdays – 5:30-7:30pm


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