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Young Moms Video Series

Young Moms Video Series

The Young Moms Video Series educates pregnant and parenting young women on a wide variety of topics including: birth planning, emotional health and hormones, doulas, child care options, attachment, and car seat safety.

Birth Planning
Learn from YWRC doulas about birth planning and steps for creating your own birth plan. You’ll learn key terms that can help guide you as you create your plan.

Emotional Health and Hormones
Learn from a doula about emotional health and hormones during pregnancy and postpartum. You’ll learn multiple ways to practice mental, emotional and physical self-care.

All About Doulas
Learn what a doula is and what they do from two YWRC doulas. You’ll learn how a doula can help and support you during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. You’ll also learn about the Better Beginnings Doula Program offered at the YWRC.

Car Seats
Learn about car seat safety and how to pick out the best car seat for you and your family. Click on the following resources that are mentioned during the video for more information: Car Seat – Choosing Best Seat, Car Seats – Harness Graphic.

Attachment and Attunement
Learn about healthy attachment and attunement and what that relationship looks like between a young child and caregiver. You’ll learn tips about how to develop a healthy attachment with your child at various stages in their development.

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The YWRC Program Videos are divided into three series: Empowerment Video Series, Young Moms Video Series, and Reproductive Health Series. Select a series to learn more about and view their videos. To view all YWRC videos, you can visit our YouTube page.