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You’re invited to the YWRC Ambassadors Launch Party on Thursday, June 17 at 6 p.m. at Jasper Winery! Learn more about this group, why you should become an Ambassador, AND enjoy great live music from Jasper’s Summer Concert Series in a beautiful setting. Bonus: Anyone who purchases a new Ambassador membership at the event will receive a free drink or burger basket (event is free to attend). You can see more information about the Launch Party via our Facebook event:http://bit.ly/AMBlaunch.


Ambassadors are energetic, diverse individuals who support the YWRC’s mission to empower participants to be strong, self-confident and resilient. Ambassadors membership is open to anyone interested in helping to advance the interests of the YWRC.

Why you should get involved: 

  • Be a part of an organization solely focused on empowering participants to be strong, self-confident and resilient 
  • Receive information and education regarding YWRC activities, and critical issues in our community regarding empowerment, inclusivity and opportunities for growth 
  • Gain access to member only opportunities including networking, invitation to special events, member specific access/ticket prices to YWRC events and more 
  • Share your gifts through volunteer activities that support programs geared towards helping local youth reach their full potential 
  • Take advantage of specific and intentional paths to leadership roles within the organization (great for those looking to get even more involved)
  • YOU will benefit by sharing your resources and support of a well-respected organization in Central Iowa. Additionally, your donation from your Ambassador membership directly supports youth in our community. Specifically, your donation supports 5th – 8th grade Empowerment Groups in Central Iowa (provided both in-person and virtually). The Empowerment Program serves more than 650 participants through 24 schools, on site at the YWRC and online. These programs focus on developing self-esteem, positive body image, healthy relationships/friendships and reproductive health knowledge. 

Become an Ambassador today with a donation of $50. Membership, and the benefits accorded, is renewable annually, expiring one year after your donation. 


Ambassadors Team:

  • Emily Bahnsen (chair)
  • Ariane Criger
  • Sara Hopkins
  • Julia Mason Gray
  • Carissa Schmidt

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Downloadable PDF Ambassadors’ Info. Page.