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Program Video Series

YWRC staff provide unique curriculum centered on empowering participants with accurate, age-appropriate information in an inclusive, encouraging, and positive environment. We often hear folks saying they wish they had been able to participate in our programs when they were youth and are curious what it may be like to learn in this type of environment. Now you can get a glimpse of what group lessons may include with these new program videos! We are especially grateful for our staff’s use of nonjudgmental, informative, and empowering language.

The Program Videos are divided into three series: Empowerment Video Series, Young Moms Video Series, and Reproductive Health Series. Select a series to learn more about and view their videos. To view all YWRC videos, you can visit our YouTube page.

Empowerment Video Series
Empowerment Video Series topics include: Self-Care, Coping Skill Box, Identity Crystals, Self-Esteem and Zines, Question Box Q&A, Feminism and Gender Roles.

Young Moms Video Series
Young Moms Video Series topics include: Birth Planning, Emotional Health & Hormones, All About Doulas, Car Seats, and Attachment and Attunement.

Reproductive Health Series
Reproductive Health Video Series topics include: Basic Anatomy, Menstruation, Birth Control, Gender Unicorn, Pregnancy Anatomy, and All Options Counseling.

While the videos are a great example of the lessons shared during groups, what they don’t show is how our expert facilitators create a safe, inclusive space for participants to learn, ask questions and be themselves. Typically, groups start with a snack or meal which is followed by sharing “highs and lows”. The “highs and lows” portion of group helps to build trust, uplift voices and inform us of challenges and celebrations participants are encountering.

A BIG thank you to all of the staff who participated and transformed their in-person curriculum to easy-to-share videos.

Interested in learning more about YWRC programs? Visit our Programs Page.

Thank you to the Chrysalis Foundation and United Way of Central Iowa for providing funds for this curriculum video project. Thanks also goes to Invictus Media, LLC for the video creation.