Better Beginnings Doula Program

Birth Doulas provide practical, emotional, physical, spiritual and informational support. Birth doulas work with and advocate for their clients during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Doulas aim to empower clients to have the birth they want, as well as have autonomy over their birth and body.

Topics covered

Education tailored to meet the needs of parents during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Doulas build strong, trusting relationships throughout their pregnancy so the clients feel comfortable and confident about their birth. Doulas also help connect clients to valuable community resources. Some things a doula might help with are questions and concerns about birth, birth planning, breast/chest feeding, bottle feeding, and postpartum support.


Doulas meet with clients a minimum of three times during pregnancy, support during the entire birth process, and a minimum three times post-partum. We currently have two Certified Lactation Specialists who are on staff to make home visits when clients may be struggling with breast/chest feeding. The YWRC can also supply moms with lactation pumps when they are needed.

Age group

Currently serving young pregnant people up to age 24.

Time & day

Doulas will meet with clients privately in person or virtually at the convenience of the client. These appointments might take place anytime or anywhere.


Contact us via email or by calling 515.244.4901.


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