Better Beginnings Doula Program

Doula is defined in the Greek language as “mother to the mother,” and doulas provide practical support, mentoring and coaching to young women during their pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery. Birth doulas from the community provide emotional support, physical comfort measures, education and advocacy to young women so that their pregnancy can be as easy and stress-free as possible.

Topics covered

Activities and education are tailored to meet pregnant young women’s needs. Doulas will build a trusting relationship with the expecting young mom through discussion of pregnancy issues or concerns, plans for birth, postpartum support and breast/bottle-feeding education.


A certified doula will meet with the pregnant mom a minimum of three times during pregnancy, accompany the young mom to the hospital and also meet a minimum of three times after the baby is born.

Age group

Any expecting young mom up through the age of 21

Time & day

Doulas meet privately at a convenient time and place.

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