Feminists United Now (FUN)

Feminists United Now is a youth-led group working together to educate and advocate with the community on social justice issues we are passionate about. FUN is open to women, femmes, non-binary and trans friends ages 14 – 21.

We want to ensure a safe space for anyone to learn about leadership, organizing, and the different forms they may take. Much of the time, we are told that leaders look a certain way (loud, commanding, confident in public speaking), but we want to empower members to use their voices in a variety of ways (visual arts, singing, writing, group work).

Interested in joining or have questions? Contact us via email or phone at 515.244.4901.

Topics covered

  • finding commonalities within the group and community
  • ways in which to empower ourselves and others
  • how to use your skills to raise your voice
  • how current issues impact our daily lives


  • planning the group goals for the year
  • interactive activities that bring awareness to social issues and thoughtful discussion

Age group

Participants ages 14 – 21

Time & day

Every Tuesday, 5:30 – 7 p.m. at the YWRC
Childcare and transportation provided

Interested in joining or have questions? Contact us via email or phone at 515.244.4901.


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