Maggie – Former YWRC Sheroe

I am Maggie Irvine. Lots of things make up the person I am today, but something I am thankful for is my ability to help others. As a freshman in high school, I joined a club full of phenomenal girls called Sheroes. With time, we were lucky enough to work with the YWRC.

We learned about how to talk about certain matters that weren’t comfortable, we became knowledgeable about women leaders, we did charity work, and we worked closely with younger girls — hoping to instill good thoughts and confidence in them.

I eventually became co-president of the club when I was a senior in high school. I am now a nineteen-year-old sophomore in the Design College of Iowa State, about a year out of Sheroes. I really don’t have any thought that what I learned in Sheroes will leave me. As I come to and from Des Moines, I notice how lucky I have been to grow up in a beautiful city, full of opportunity. Within the greatest city in the world I was given opportunity to reach out to my community, thanks to the YWRC.

Maggie's picture

I was torn about choosing design over social work when I went to college, but I quickly decided that if I were to pursue landscape architecture, I could ultimately make city life better for all who inhabit it. I want to make spaces places. I want to provide inspiration and safety for those who can’t find that at home. Putting good into the world is so important, and learning, as well as applying with Sheroes and YWRC has made me a better person.