Monthly Archives: October 2014

Katie – Young Moms program

I got involved with the Young Women’s Resource Center about three years ago when I was 16 and pregnant. I attended the Childbirth Education classes that were taught by Diane, one of the perinatal specialists at the YWRC. At the time I was very shy, especially about being pregnant, but very much interested in learning […]

Domestic Violence

From the Rihanna and Chris Brown situation, to the Ray Rice case, to the concerning screams heard coming from the neighbor’s house last week, there are a few things that are clear when it comes to domestic violence. It can happen to anyone, and victim blaming runs rampant in American society. What is domestic violence? […]

Michele Reno-Brown – Board Member

Approximately 59 years ago a young couple welcomed their second child and first daughter to the world, and named her Michele. And so it begins.. I was fortunate to grow up in a home with loving parents, two brothers I adored and however many cats I could rescue. Our home was my favorite place to […]