Michele Reno-Brown – Board Member

Approximately 59 years ago a young couple welcomed their second child and first daughter to the world, and named her Michele. And so it begins..

I was fortunate to grow up in a home with loving parents, two brothers I adored and however many cats I could rescue. Our home was my favorite place to be, filled with friends and family, laughter and music, trust and respect. The credit and thanks goes to my parents for not only my beautiful life but for making me mindful of others’ struggles. Whether it was my mom’s compassion and insight towards everyone she met, or adopting a less fortunate family every year at the holidays, they were active participants in making a difference in the lives of others.

As in any young woman’s life I, too, encountered challenges and heartaches. I experienced prejudice in junior high school when I dated a boy that was not of my race and struggled when we moved to Las Vegas in the middle of my junior year and my parents divorced after my graduation.

Adulthood took me back to the city I loved after college. My career path was in human resources and sales, and I loved my job. After marriage and children, I chose to leave the workforce and entered the world of stay at home moms and volunteerism. Although not the right decision for everyone, it was one I have never regretted. Being a mom is clearly my favorite thing in life..even through their teen years! Volunteering for Hospice, The Child Abuse Prevention Council and many others organizations was also extremely rewarding.

Seven years ago I was introduced to the YWRC, and their mission struck a nerve in me. Knowing there was a place where all young women are valued was a simple but brilliant concept. What I knew I could offer was my compassion and sincere desire to improve young lives. Whether that is raising money to fund programs, driving girls to events, supplying meals for young moms and now serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors, I am 100% committed to their cause. The chances for these young women to thrive are much higher with a strong support system, and if I have a hand in making just one of their lives better, I will continue to support this amazing organization!

With the YWRC mission and gratitude in my heart,

Michele Reno-Brown