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What is ‘Rape Culture’?

“Rape culture exists because we don’t believe it does,” Walter Moseley points out in his The Nation¹ article. I’d like to believe Moseley’s thought—that the reason rape culture exists is because we haven’t wrapped our mind around the problem and how it functions. With that in mind, I think it’s only fair to educate those […]

Tara Ray – Prevention Program Specialist

I restarted this blog six different times. Everything seemed cliché and not even something I would want to read again. So, I sat down with a good friend and had a fiery conversation about why I am here, why I am so passionate about young women, and why I need a place that gives me […]

Reproductive Health

My first question to young girls when educating them on their reproductive health is – why do you think we talk about this? I usually get a variety of answers, but typically they answer by telling me that they already know everything. It is clear through our pre-survey (which is filled out in our initial […]

Different is Normal

“Puberty is the name for the time when your body begins to develop and change as you move from kid to adult. We’re talking about stuff like girls developing breasts and boys starting to look more like men. During puberty, your body will grow faster than at any other time in your life, except for […]