Staff Spotlight: Tracy Limon

As we kick off a new year, we are excited to spotlight one of our newest team members, Tracy Limón!

Tracy joined the Young Women’s Resource Center as a Counselor in October 2023. Specializing in cognitive behavior/talk therapy, she offers voluntary and confidential counseling services for girls and young women both in schools and at the YWRC.

“I’m a therapist at the Young Women’s Resource Center (YWRC), where I work with young women from all walks of life, helping them manage their homeostasis by meeting them where they are in life. We work in tandem to manage their mental health and address any mental illnesses they might have. I have assisted and am looking forward to hosting my own group in our local schools.”

As a Therapist, Tracy strives to support young women from diverse backgrounds, guiding them through the challenges of adolescence and the transition to young adulthood.

“This is a unique position because generally, there are co-ed groups assisting in our local communities, whereas the YWRC makes space for our young female population to help their transition from teen to young adult, supporting young moms, etc. This is a pivotal moment in their lives and being able to assist in anyway is a great honor. During my own upbringing I never had the access or support like the YWRC provides.”    

For Tracy, witnessing clients grow and make progress is a special part of her job.

 “My favorite part of my role is getting to watch the transformation from an unsure individual to empowered. This is a great moment in a person’s life, but it’s an even greater moment in a young person’s life. They are put out into the world without real guidance, and to see that inner strength come out of someone so young is an amazing moment.”

Arriving at those pivotal moments, however, comes with numerous challenges and barriers that Tracy supports clients to overcome.

“The most challenging parts of my job involve trying to break through the walls that our youth have put up. This is a process that takes time, requiring rapport building, engaging in their conversation, and actively listening to their words and feelings.”

Tracy’s passion for empowering and caring for her community is evident from her professional and life experiences. 

“Prior to coming to the YWRC, I’ve worked as a direct counselor, in-home support, and a caregiver to my husband while we went through and recovered from cancer. Those different types of fields have one thing in common, and that’s caring for others. Each place might have been different in duties, but the same in the experience of supporting my community.”

Tracy’s advice to the girls and young women in her community:

“Don’t take no for an answer! At times it will feel like the world is against you but know if you stay focused, unwavering to being convinced of anything less than what you deserve, and always strive for more. Remember this, historically it has been women who has made the most impact in ALL areas of life for all of our well-being.” 

Tracy has many talents and spends her free time wearing many hats, including being a photographer, martial artist, and writer.

Three things you may not know about Tracy are:

  • She has a learning disability and graduated with a 4.0 GPA
  • She played the flute along with four other instruments and was asked to play in the Disney’s Orchestra when she was 15 years old
  • She is currently writing a children’s book

Thank you, Tracy, for being a beacon of support for girls and young women navigating life’s challenges. We are fortunate to have you in our community!

Tracy is currently accepting counseling clients. To schedule an appointment, please send her an email at [email protected]. YWRC Counseling Services are voluntary, confidential, and offered free of charge. Services are available to individuals ages 10 – 24 who have been socialized and/or identify as female. Trans and nonbinary friends are welcome.