Amy Tiefenthaler – Therapist

My name is Amy Tiefenthaler, and I am the therapist at the Young Women’s Resource Center.

I am a mother to two beautiful little girls who are always on my mind and provide me with more joy than I could ever put into words.  I have a husband of 7 years who reminds me frequently through his unconditional love and support that there are good men in the world and how wonderful it is that we found each other.  We currently live in Norwalk; we love the small town feel and especially love having family and friends close by.

Growing up I was lucky to have amazing parents who always believed in me and helped guide me through many difficult life decisions.  I have one big sister who also holds the title of best friend and mentor.  She is also a mom to my beautiful 15 year old niece.  I can honestly say I have always felt supported and loved which is something I will never take for granted.

My girls are 3 and 5; most of my free time revolves around dance classes, soccer practice and play dates.  We love to be outside and enjoy taking family vacations.  Our last three family vacations have involved Mickey Mouse and some very popular Disney princesses.   I’m told they grow up fast, that it won’t be like this for long, so I’m trying my best to take it all in and enjoy every second of it!


I attended the University of Northern Iowa and received my bachelor’s degree in Family Services.   For graduate studies I attended Drake University.   I switched career paths multiple times while in college; I wanted to be a teacher, school counselor, social worker, etc…  I have always enjoyed working with children and knew no matter where I ended as long as I was working with youth I would be happy.   I joined the Young Women’s Resource center last July.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and had no idea the impact these amazing young women would have on me.

There are many things I love about the center and its mission.  One of my favorite things about the YWRC is the wonderful mix of young women that come to the center from all different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, etc…  I see girls for therapy who are successful in life, have a supported family and just need someone to listen and help guide them through challenging life events or adolescence.  I see girls who have dropped out of school, have babies of their own or are pregnant and have never heard the words “I Love you” from a significant adult.  No matter what they’ve been through or where they are headed, they feel SAFE and supported at the YWRC, and they want to be here. 

The girls I see aren’t necessarily looking for my advice (they’ve had plenty of people try to tell them what to do). They just want someone to hear their story. They want to be able to tell their story, and they want someone to tell them they believe in them and that they are proud of them.  I find myself thinking “she is so amazing” several times a day and smile just thinking about how fun and unique each girl is that I meet.

To all my girls out there (both at home and work) thank you for letting me be a part of your story, thank you for trusting me and accepting me for who I am.  I’m so proud of you!

Laughter is Timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are Forever- Walt Disney