Keith Karpinske – Board Member

My name is Keith Karpinske. I have been a member of the YWRC Board for the last 2.5 years, and I work for Wells Fargo. More importantly, I have been married for 18+ years, and we have two wonderful sons – age 13 and 17. I currently live in Polk City but have lived in many different places over the years including various suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Portland, OR and even a stint just north of Boston in Nashua, NH.

I was very involved in athletics growing up including through college; the leadership and competition aspects of sports have always been parts of life that I enjoy. When I got into the workplace that energy turned into a passion for developing other team members and seeing them succeed, receive promotions and achieve their goals. This reward has always felt better for me than individual successes defined by meeting more traditional goals such as sales results, meeting project timelines, etc. Over time, I realized I could get this same level of reward by giving back in other ways in the community. I am fortunate to be blessed in many ways; it provides me the opportunity to give back in a variety of ways through my time, talent and treasure.

My wife and I have been involved with many non-profits over the years here in Central Iowa and before we moved here in 2001. Through Wells Fargo I have the opportunity to share where my passions are, and they are able to look for non-profit board memberships that appear to be a good fit. Through this process I was connected with the YWRC a few years ago and what a wonderful match!!!

I was unaware of the YWRC before the connection above was made, but the mission of the YWRC hit very close to home for me. I was born the son of a teen mom. Now, I was very fortunate. I grew up in a loving home with parents that were there for me and I had everything I needed, but I know that isn’t the case for everyone in my situation. When I learned about one of the missions of the YWRC, I immediately thought about my own experience. All young moms and their children should have a life full of possibilities, just like I have had, and here I am being handed an opportunity to help make a difference!

The YWRC has given me the opportunity to receive so much more in return than all the time, talent and treasure I could ever give to the YWRC. When you find the right personal connection, it is so easy to give, and what you receive in return is so rewarding. I would encourage everyone to look for an opportunity that meets your personal passion to give back; you will be so glad you did!