About: Maria Robinson

While the YWRC works to create and fill a new Volunteer Coordinator position, Maria Robinson has generously offered her time and energy to support and manage the YWRC volunteer program during May and June. Learn more about Maria:

Maria Robinson is a proud mother and wife who originally hails from Norfolk, VA where the majority of her family still resides. Maria lived in her husband’s home state of CT for 16 years and has been a resident of IA since June 2020. She currently lives in West Des Moines with husband Sherwin, daughter Chanel and collie spaniel Bentley.

Maria graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a member of the Sigma Psi chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda. Maria has worked in the healthcare industry, in some capacity, for over 20 years with her last position being that of a Sr Account Manager for Express Scripts.

Maria has a huge heart and is always willing to help others. She has volunteered for several organizations and will pretty much do whatever is needed if physically able. Her most recent volunteer positions were Intake Specialist, Mentor (Women’s Resource Center) and Co-chair of Women United, an affinity group of United Way. In her spare time Maria loves to cook, read and listen to music. One of Maria’s favorite books is titled “As You Think” which was adapted by Marc Allen but originally written by James Allen.

While there are many, one of her favorite points in the book states:

“You are where you are in order to learn and to grow, and as you learn the spiritual lesson that any circumstance contains for you, it passes away and gives place to other circumstances. You are buffeted by circumstances so long as you believe yourself to be a creature affected by outside conditions — but when you realize that you are a creative power, and that you may command the hidden soil and seeds of your being out of which your circumstances grow, then you become the rightful master of yourself” (Allen, Marc. As You Think, p.33, New World Library).