Staff Spotlight: Marcia Bradley

We are thrilled to welcome our newest staff member, Marcia Bradley, to our YWRC team. Marcia started with us on July 8, 2016 as a Mental Health Therapist and specializes in Art Therapy.

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Marcia’s role is to provide Trauma Informed Care to girls and young women who have experienced primary or secondary interpersonal trauma. She will be providing services at the YWRC and will also actively be seeking additional clients via collaborations with similar organizations throughout Central Iowa. “I intend to use art and other means of creative expression to help young women build resiliency and develop protective factors that will support success and help them manage their lives more effectively.”


Although Marcia has always been drawn to psychology and art, it was not until later in her career that she returned to school to earn her master’s degree in art therapy. Marcia began her career working in a medical clinic with a dermatologist and several OB/GYNs for ten years. She spent the next decade creating and maintaining a small alterations and sewing business from her home while caring for her children. It was 1990 when she decided to pursue her degree, and she soon graduated with her Master of Arts Degree in Art Therapy. Marcia began working in Des Moines at Children and Families of Iowa and the Child Guidance Center.


Working directly with young people through a variety of services has been what Marcia enjoys the most in her career. “Many times I have been in a front row seat witnessing the pain and heartache of children who have been traumatized; children whose homes are no longer safe. It’s pretty amazing to see their courage and expression of thanks for any support offered.”


Marcia is dedicated to helping girls and young women see, determine and reach their potential. “More than anything, I’d like to encourage them to trust their intuition and ask themselves every day, “What do I need, what do I want?”


Like many of us, Marcia knows the impact one person can have. She was met with resistance and criticism from family members regarding her goals, but remembers one woman, an alterations customer, who helped her realize she deserved to fulfill her full potential.


“She held her head high and was so sweet and gracious when she approached me for alterations.  She eventually left the area, but I’ve never forgotten the impact she had on me during that very short period of time.”


Aside from her work with the YWRC, Marcia is also involved in the community as a volunteer for the Des Moines Playhouse. She has been lending her sewing skills in the costume shop for the last several years. “Being around theatre people is refreshing. They are very creative in a way that is thrilling to see up close.  So much work goes into a production and the costuming, props and set require a great deal of skill and training.” When she’s not volunteering, Marcia can be found spending all of her free time sewing, painting or engaging in a wide range of other creative activities.


We are excited to see the new programs and services Marcia is bringing to the YWRC. Welcome to the team, Marcia!