Staff Spotlight: Sy’Anne Dysart

We are excited to celebrate Empowerment Program Specialist Sy’Anne Dysart in this month’s staff spotlight. Sy’Anne has been a member of the team for just shy of three years but her involvement with us started when she attended one of our summer groups. She was also familiar with us through the involvement of her grandparents – former (and very beloved) Transportation Specialists Kathy and Jerry. We love having her as part of our team and are pleased to have you learn more about her.

In her role, Sy’Anne encourages young girls to be confident in their authentic selves. She empowers them to determine their own best path forward while navigating life’s everchanging situations.

When asked what drew her to the YWRC and why she continues to be part of the team, Sy’Anne said, “The values of the agency and seeing/hearing the impact of my role from the participants me. My favorite part is building rapport with participants and seeing them build connections – and their confidence when making choices independently.”

Sy’Anne’s favorite part of her role coincides with the most challenging – when she can “see a participant’s worth and skill, but they don’t quite see it yet.”

“When I’m fortunate to get to spend time with an After School or Summer Group, I always leave admiring how Sy’Anne connects with participants. She’s intentional in making it clear that they are welcome, valued, and unique. She sets boundaries and helps participants understand why they are important. Like when we used pedal boats at Grey’s Lake and she reiterated safety rules in a way that highlighted their benefits (and kept us all dry). Plus, she makes sure group snacks are top notch,” says Senior Director of Communications Erin Moran.

Some of the wisdom Sy’Anne shares with participants and colleagues comes from her role models, her mom, Grandma, and aunt.

“They have always encouraged me to never stop learning and to go for what I want while empowering others to do the same.”

Sy’Anne’s advice for youth is “to know and be so secure in oneself that is doesn’t matter what others think as long as you know you tried your best with the right intentions. Also, to be mindful and aware of others and their experiences.”

Before joining the YWRC team, Sy’Anne attended Upper Iowa University and worked her way through school at Nike in the outlet mall in Altoona. In her free time, she likes “to chill with/take walks with my dog and enjoy food with my family.”

Three facts about Sy’Anne you may not know:

  • Her name is her favorite color blue (cyan)
  • She likes to travel
  • She is a master conservationist

Thank you, Sy’Anne, for all of the energy, ideas, and dedication you give to our team and participants. We appreciate you!