#everygirldeserves – join us!








Help us show the girls and young women of our community how truly valued they are. Join our #everygirldeserves campaign to spread the word of just how limitless a girl’s life can be.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Print this template, write what you think #everygirldeserves in the blank and snap a photo.

Step 2: Copy/paste the message below, challenge three or more friends to do the same  and tag the YWRC.

Step 3: Post your photo and message! Keep a look out for other #everygirldeserves posts and share, like or comment on them to show support.

Message to post:

It is clear we still have a long way to go to create an environment where every girl and woman feels safe, is treated with respect and capable of living a life of limitless possibility. I am taking this opportunity to share what I think every girl deserves, and I challenge (friends names here)  to do the same (template and how-to steps here: https://ywrc.org/everygirldeserves/). Together with the Young Women’s Resource Center, we can send a clear message to girls and young women that they are supported, and that we can overcome any obstacle. #everygirldeserves

Questions? Contact Erin.

In addition to sharing your #everygirldeserves post, you can also show your support by making a gift online.

Thank you for helping us uplift our girls and young women!
-YWRC Staff