Intern Spotlight: Summer 2022

This month we are celebrating the three interns who joined our team this summer (2022): Carla, Mary Carmen, and Tania! These three helped with a wide variety of Empowerment and Young Moms projects while earning educational credit and experience.

Mary Carmen supported all of the Young Moms groups at the YWRC (Childbirth Education, Postpartum, and Parenting) during the internship. She also helped with a couple of off-site groups and gatherings at the park and supported breast/chestfeeding participants.

Mary Carmen at the Back to School Bash with the Young Moms team.

“Mary Carmen is incredibly kind, thoughtful, and open to learning new things – all traits that she brought to the YWRC every day and while interacting with participants. We are extremely grateful to have had her support this past summer and we’re glad we had the pleasure of getting to know her as she finished up her degree!” – Sarah, YWRC Young Moms Program Manager

Carla and Tania both worked with the Empowerment Team throughout the internship. Their role included preparing materials and rooms for groups, developing curriculum with the team, and assisting with Summer Program facilitation.  

Carla and Tania with the Empowerment Team at the Back to School Bash.

“Carla and Tania knocked our socks off with the planning and executing of an epic photo booth backdrop for Back to School Bash 2022. During a staff development session, they creatively presented their twist on time management with our Empowerment Program Specialist. They also facilitated a mental self-care lesson with our Mariposa After School participants.” – Irma, Empowerment Program Manager 

Thank you Carla, Mary Carmen, and Tania for spending time supporting our organization and participants this summer!

If you or someone you know is interested in an internship with the YWRC, visit our website here for details.