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Client Spotlight: Young Powerful Moms

About a month ago, our Childbirth & Perinatal Specialist Ashley posed this question to our Young Moms participants: “What challenge have you faced as a young parent (housing, economic, education, health, etc.) and how did you overcome it. What helped you?” In celebration of the strength, resiliency and perseverance of our young moms, we’d like to […]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Margaret Jensen Connet

Margaret Jensen Connet became involved with the Young Women’s Resource Center when she was working in Ames with homeless youth and heard that a group of feminist women were starting a new agency in Des Moines. She had personally fought gender role stereotypes growing up because of her love of the outdoors and being told […]

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Client Spotlight: Danielle Yonemura

Danielle began her journey with the YWRC when she was referred to our Young Moms program through a counselor at North High School; she was pregnant and 14 years old. We have been honored to see her grow over the last eight years into the nurturing, responsible and successful mother she is today. Danielle officially […]

Staff Spotlight: Kahara Hunafa

Wearing many hats is something Kahara Hunafa, Empowerment Program Specialist, thrives on. Over the last three and a half years, Kahara has become an integral part of the YWRC team. “I, along with three other Empowerment staff and two Empowerment Assistants, go into Greater Des Moines schools to facilitate small, six-week Empowerment Groups. These groups […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Megan West

This month, we are pleased to put the spotlight on one of our most active supporters, Megan West. Though Megan had volunteered for several organizations, she was looking for a more consistent commitment when she sought opportunities with the YWRC. Since she joined the Sit On It! event committee three years ago, Megan has grown […]


by Maeve Morrow (Maeve is an active member of the YWRC’s Sheroes group. Sheroes is a group for high school young women interested in philanthropy and community building.) When I first heard about plans for a march on Washington, driven by people who wanted to speak up about women’s rights, some of my hope for our […]

Staff Spotlight: Sarah Mowitz

Sarah Mowitz is often the first impression new visitors and clients have of the YWRC. Her warm smile and genuine welcome help all to feel at ease. We’re excited to feature her in this month’s Staff Spotlight, and to share a little more about her. Sarah has been with the YWRC as the Volunteer and […]

What is ‘Rape Culture’?

“Rape culture exists because we don’t believe it does,” Walter Moseley points out in his The Nation¹ article. I’d like to believe Moseley’s thought—that the reason rape culture exists is because we haven’t wrapped our mind around the problem and how it functions. With that in mind, I think it’s only fair to educate those […]