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Board Spotlight: Loraine Hardin

This month, we would like to introduce you to one of our newest Board members, Loraine Hardin. Loraine joined our board in September of 2018, but has been familiar with the YWRC for several years including some committee work in 2001. “I was reunited with YWRC last year after attending the annual gala, and with […]

Supporter Spotlight: Laurel Bruntz

Every organization has go-to volunteers they know they can count on, time and time again. We are proud to honor one of our go-to volunteers, Laurel Bruntz, in this edition of our Supporter Spotlight. Laurel has been volunteering with the YWRC since April of 2014 when she joined our Young Empowerment Partnership (YEP) group. She […]

Client Spotlight: Young Powerful Moms

About a month ago, our Childbirth & Perinatal Specialist Ashley posed this question to our Young Moms participants: “What challenge have you faced as a young parent (housing, economic, education, health, etc.) and how did you overcome it. What helped you?” In celebration of the strength, resiliency and perseverance of our young moms, we’d like to […]

Staff Spotlight: Maria Savaidis

This month we are happy to introduce one of our newest staff members, Maria Savaidis. Maria started with us as a Mental Health Therapist about three months ago. In her role, Maria works with girls and young women ages 10 – 21 by appointment. “I help girls with a wide variety of symptoms/diagnoses including anxiety, depression, […]

Volunteer Spotlight: A Year in Review

Volunteers are a key component of the YWRC’s success. We are excited to take a moment to celebrate their positive impact as we reflect on the past fiscal year. Our volunteers include those who help with one-time projects and/or weekly tasks, our Board of Directors and multiple committees. The YWRC receives significant community support from […]

Board Spotlight: Rona Berinobis

Rona Berinobis became a member of our Board of Directors after a discussion about the YWRC’s mission and vision with Kristin Griffith, Executive Director. This conversation inspired Rona and convinced her that she could make a positive impact by joining the board. Rona’s favorite part of serving on the board has been involvement in strategic […]

Supporter Spotlight: Marilynn Cedarstrom

Marilynn Cedarstrom is starting her third year as an active, year-round volunteer with the Young Women’s Resource Center. Her time with us began when she joined our YWRC Gala Committee (formerly known as the Sit On It! committee). Her favorite YWRC memory is from that first event.   “It was great fun, but also heartwarming […]

Staff Spotlight: Ashley Ezzio

We are excited to celebrate one of our hard working, dedicated and kind staff members this month, Ashley Ezzio. Ashley has been part of the Young Women’s Resource Center team for a little more than two years as our Childbirth and Perinatal Specialist. A main component of her role is to facilitate a weekly pregnancy […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Margaret Jensen Connet

Margaret Jensen Connet became involved with the Young Women’s Resource Center when she was working in Ames with homeless youth and heard that a group of feminist women were starting a new agency in Des Moines. She had personally fought gender role stereotypes growing up because of her love of the outdoors and being told […]

Board Spotlight: Ariadna Arias Rosario

In June of 2017, the YWRC welcomed Ariadna Arias Rosario to our Board of Directors. Ariadna has long been a huge fan of the YWRC’s work and mission and has volunteered with us through the DuPont Pioneer Women’s Network group. She demonstrates a tangible energy and excitement whenever she speaks about her work with the […]